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About our company

Hargobing Coach is manufacturers of steel bus body, Ordinary buses, volvo type, Deluxe, Semi Deluxe, A/C super coach, Sleeper coach. Hargobind Coach founded in 1994. Hargobind Coach Built constantly thinks of its customers, drivers and riders while building driver and maintenance-friendliness, safety and comfort into every bus. Continuous improvement and dedication to building the most reliable and safest vehicles are part of our culture. We are proud to have an experienced, smart working and extremely capable group of developers working for us. They constantly improvise to ensure our clients get the best experience.

Values and Beliefs

While it's easy to say, "we are committed to excellence," Hargobind Coach Built Buses' long and passionate history proves it. From start to finish, we are focused on delivering a superior customer experience. Hargobind Coach started building buses in 1994. That means paying attention to the smallest detail in order to help improve safety and reliability.

Inspired by the work we do, Hargobind Coach Built employees build quality into each bus we construct. We treat our buses as if our own children were riding on them, and often, they are. This kind of pride in what we do will always be paramount to the Hargobind Coach Bus culture. Because, when our buses are out there on the road, every mile matters.

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